About us

Steerer is a modern actively growing company, one of the leading suppliers of metalworking equipment, metal-cutting tools and tooling attachments.

Being a young energetic team of highly qualified specialists, we offer our customers high-quality solutions to any tasks - even the most challenging and extraordinary ones..

We have over 10 years of design experience in metalworking and deep understanding of production technological features in various industries. Everyone who requests assistance from the company is sure to receive an optimal and reasonable offer, which will include selection, delivery and implementation of the products.

We easily adapt to new challenges thanks to flexibility and efficiency of management decisions, high-quality expertise in the selection of products, and the choice of optimal delivery routes.

We have reliable partnership communication with global leaders in production of metalworking equipment and tooling, and smoothly-running interaction with state corporations, holding structures and other representatives of the machine-building industry in Russia.

We supply products certified and manufactured in full compliance with international quality standards, as well as environmental and industrial safety codes. Deliveries are carried out in full compliance with the law, and all products are provided with an official factory warranty.